Our Brands

So, now you’ve met us, it’s time to meet our brands.

Although each brand specialises in different home and leisure products, they’re intrinsically linked by a shared goal: to improve the happiness and wellbeing of our customers – the driving force behind everything we do.

We’re fitness fanatics who understand the difficulty of balancing regular exercise with daily life. By specialising in affordable fitness equipment that you can use at home and on the go, our aim is to help customers find a perfect balance. Forget about sticking to a strict routine because we’re all about fitting exercise around your day and doing it as and when you want. After all, it’s better to do a little exercise each week than no exercise at all.

It may sound cliché, but at Christow, we’re firm believers that home is where the heart is. As well as specialising in stylish home furniture and décor, we also have a huge range of gardening equipment and garden furniture. Put simply, everything our customers need to create their dream home and garden. For us, creating an environment you love to spend time in – both on your own and with friends and family – is key to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

We’re camping and exploring enthusiasts who love the thrill of new adventures and believe that being outdoors is one of the best ways to boost your mental health. With years of industry experience behind us, we’re specialists in our field, who know what people need to enjoy the outdoors to its fullest. As well as high quality camping gear, we also stock a growing range of leisure equipment to encourage people to get outdoors and get active.